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Founded in 2015 in Omsk, Russia BytePace has already worked with customers from different countries like USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Hungary. Our team consists of iOS and Android, Web and Backend developers and also UI and UX designer.

Sergey Rodiontsev
Sergey's passion is a working with people, therefore he is a good project manager and team building leader. Moreover he has a skill in iOS development and take a part in the current projects. He prefers the active lifestyle, a snowboarding, and hard trainings in a gym. And always glad to talk on different topics.
Ruslan Musagitov
Ruslan studied Robotics at Omsk Technical University. Worked as software engineer at Aldigit. Founded BytePace in 2015. Interested in software technologies and hi-tech. Experienced team lead and project manager. After first his word everyone understands what needs to be done and when.
Vladislav Ryabov
Vlad holds Masters's degree in Robotics, OmSTU. Have worked in Energy system companies. Since 2014 work as entrepreneur. His roles in BytePace: organisation of the workflow, solution of legal, financial and staffing issues, project management. Hobbies - travelling, history and architecture.
Viktor Kinko
Lead Android Developer
Victor has a bachelor's degree in computer Science in Omsk State University. Lead Android developer, so that's why he is always busy. When he recaptures a free time he dedicates it to listen the music, video games design, and actually playing computer games by other authors. Don't like when something is not clear.
Tatiana Tytar
She puts education first and never stop studying. Tatiana combines several areas of work and also can help everyone. Recruiter, economist, accountant and secretary at BytePace and lover of sea walks, cinema outings and camping in her free time.
Albert Musagitov
iOS Developer
Albert is an iOS developer. He studies Security in information technology. In his spare time Albert enjoys competitive team sports. Student, athlete and just a good guy who is always willing to find a solution for your mobile app.
Nikita Velichkin
iOS Developer
Nikita studies at computing science department in OmSU. Web-development is his basic and most favorite work. He doesn’t go out without headphones. In his free time likes to play computer games, read books and watch series.
Daria Kovalenko
UI/UX Designer
Daria loves constantly learning, to discover something new. She enjoys learning new programs. As well as working at a computer, she likes to do things with her own hands, for instance, silk-screen printing.
Andrey Vashchenko
Android Developer
Andrey holds a Bachelor degree of Information and Computing. He is Android developer but he doesn’t stay on it. Andrey interested in web, node.js and react. He likes to do useful things. Fruitful and perspective. Likes rock-music and motorcycles.
Alexey Lavrinovich
QA Specialist
Alexey is a trained engineer and QA specialist by vocation. Active and curious. And also attentive: he finds faults in daily life and trying to fix it.
Polina Vasilkova
Marketing Manager
Polina obtains bachelor degree of world economics. Polina likes series: she can easily watch the whole season in one day. Interested in social psychology and sometimes can anticipate somebody’s behaviour. Polina believes that humour is the best thing in live.
Vitaly Fedorov
Android Developer
A person who can logically explain any likely event in the world around him. It's time to find out why your cat always lick only the left slipper.
Maxim Kamenev
Web Developer
Maxim is an open and social person. He performs his work effectively and within the terms. Web development is his main activity. Maxim likes open world games and listen to music.
Vlad Zhavoronkov
iOS Developer
As a real developer, Vlad considers his work as his hobby. Likes mathematics and music of different artists not binding to a genre. Codes on iOS and dig deeply into all questions to solve it properly.
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