The Butterfly is the SmartCity App that gives you full access to the Butterfly SmartCity Network and enjoys the best that the city has to offer. Find businesses, buy & sell your products and services, pay bills, report issues, get notified of new events, keep track of activities, and so much more! The Culture is one of the several functions of this app. There you can choose the events for cinema, theaters, sports and buy tickets or subscriptions for them by a few actions.


Culture Module

Choose the event that attracts you in nearest area or just can make a search if you can't find in the list.
Read the event description and watch the promo trailer and now you can select the seats in a cinema or concert hall or even at the stadium.
All seat places have a different price so you can choose a place that suits your desires and is not too expensive or vice versa to buy VIP seats.
All selected seats stack in common list where it's possible to input the promo code or just check them before buying, otherwise you can always remove the chosen seats.
Objective-C, NSURLSession, MapKit, AES256 encoding, Autolayout, CoreData, AVKit, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer framework
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