The Butterfly is the SmartCity App that gives you full access to the Butterfly SmartCity Network and enjoys the best that the city has to offer. Find businesses, buy & sell your products and services, pay bills, report issues, get notified of new events, keep track of activities, and so much more! The Emergency is one of the several functions of this app. There you can call emergency service by phone or use app functional just in a few actions. Your location will send automatically and also it possible to see how much time the emergency service takes to arrive on accident place.


Emergency Module

There is a huge list of accident variations so it easy to choose the correct accident that happened with users or they have became witnesses.
The user's geographical location will help the emergency service to find him faster! The location will be found automatically.
The last step of calling emergency service is a choice: is the user victim or witness? And then just drag confirmation slider. After that emergency service will get the user's call and will take all necessary actions.
After the call the user will see that emergency service has got your request, ETA and the current location of emergency service car and how it far from the user.
Please stay calm! Now users can chat with emergency service operator and explain what's happened with them.
Objective-C, NSURLSession, MapKit, AES256 encoding, Autolayout, CoreData, AVKit, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer framework
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