The Butterfly is the SmartCity App that gives you full access to the Butterfly SmartCity Network and enjoys the best that the city has to offer. Find businesses, buy & sell your products and services, pay bills, report issues, get notified of new events, keep track of activities, and so much more! The Transport is one of the several functions of this app. There you can plan a trip, choose a route using time and date that you need and also buy transport tickets.


Transport Module

All transport vehicles are on one map in real time while transport position updates each 20 seconds so the user is always aware about their position.
The user can find departure and destination stations with integrated auto-completion system also set necessary date and time for trip and it needs just to tap "Find Trips".
After the user has tapped "Find Trips" he will see the optimal route for chosen stations with full info such as time from departure station and destination station, trip duration, trip distance and number of stops.
There is all route info including departure station and destination station names with trip date and time, moreover if users select the transport station on the current route they can get detailed information, e.g. address and transport company.
All info about all stations on the selected route (time, distance, address, etc.) in one screen. The user also can see on which station the transport has stopped in current time, these stops will blink.
Objective-C, NSURLSession, MapKit, AES256 encoding, Autolayout, CoreData, AVKit, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer framework
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