Party Chat messenger is a mobile messaging app which allows free communication between friends and families as long as you have a internet connection WiFi 4G/3G/2G EDGE or WiFi you will be able to send and receive messages, have group calls conversations anywhere anytime anyplace at no cost.

Party Chat

Here the user can edit avatar and full name. Just tap "pencil" button next to the avatar or full name and save changes.
Logout button will redirect user to authorization screen.
Technical solutions
UIScrollView, UIScrollViewDelegate, UIPageViewController, GooglePlaces API.
To create a new party user should choose party name, public or private party status (lock icon), choose users from the list and select "Create" button. Each party can contain 6 users including party owner.
Also there is the ability to invite friends from Facebook to the app.
Here user can find any public party and join if it has less then 6 users.
List of parties which the user already joined.
Technical solutions
JSQMessagesViewController, PaypalSDK, UICollectionView, JTAppleCalendar.
This screen displays all users who joined the party.
Users who are highlighted by gray color received invitation to the party but not joined yet.
It should to use buttons at the foot of the page for leaving or toggling loudspeaker.
Technical solutions
DKImagePickerController, CoreLocation.
Objective-C, Quickblox, Typhoon, Autolayout, FBSDK, JSQMessagesViewController, FastImageCache
A very professional and loyal developer. 100% trustable. Did the work fast and good.
Robert Masih