BytePace Workflow

Requirements gathering
We collect and research client’s tasks. Explore similar apps on the market. We form the algorithm of the app work and make a list of functions.

The prototype, specification and estimation
We create an interactive prototype of the app without design. We prepare specification and estimate the timing and cost of the project.

We create several design versions for the main app screens. Discuss it with the client, make changes. We create the design of the entire app and prepare the design sources for developers.

We carry out the development by milestones, one milestone is 2-4 weeks. During development we test the app. At the end of each stage we show the result to the client.

We pass the source code to the client and submit the app in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Guarantee and support
After the release of the app we provide free maintain for one month.

Contact us
and we will answer all your questions