BytePace - The Quorum network

Quorum is an introduction-only membership network that exists
to bring together individuals at the top of their professions with a shared belief in the power of collaboration

Quorum facilitates opportunities and the cross fertilisation of ideas in a trusted and secure environment. Quorum achieves this by combining the benefit of a private online networking platform with the more traditional element of meeting face to face.
The future application user is a busy person who appreciates the rational use of his time. The first decision is to make the design clean. Exclude distracting details and excessive decorations.
On the main screen, the User can see all the latest published events and new users of the application.
User of the application see a list of upcoming events and past, information about events. In the details of the event, you can confirm participation in the event or refuse to attend.
New useful contacts can be made in the application with the click of a button.
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