Vontract is a service for creating video contracts in a couple of minutes with your phone


Video contract is a file with all the contract terms in a visual form. By the end of the contract both employer and contractor have to make photos and signatures. Completed video contract uploading to Vimeo or YouTube. Public videos can be uploaded to YouTube only while videos with link access can be uploaded to YouTube as well as to Vimeo.
Vontract allows participants to show terms that are hard to describe in words using photo and video. You can use video contracts as individual agreements or as attachment to main contract.
Technical solutions
Apple library RPScreenRecorder was used for video capturing and voice recording. It was chosen as it is embedded and allows to request an access for video capturing or voice recording
Video contracts help to make decisions faster. You can easily come to agreement during the job process without making up text contract. All videos in sequence captured using the app are protected with watermark.
The AVFoundation library is using to combine video parts and place watermark.
Техническое решение
Video contract details won't be missed like in case of verbal agreements. It's easier for contractor to solve the task when one can check video contract if necessary. Video contracts are confirming by photos and signatures of both participants. It helps to settle disputes.
User's signature have to be combined with a user's photo. We had to make a one more video of user's photo and signature. We did it with Glimpse library.
Техническое решение
RPScreenRecorder, AVFoundation, Glimpse
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