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Testing in NodeJS

In this article we will look through things and instruments for testing for Node.js server. There's brief information about Mocha and Chai frameworks that make testing simple. We will write test for "real-world" server.

What is Tesseract and how it works?

Tesseract - is an optical character recognition engine with open-source code, this is the most popular and qualitative OCR-library.

Android Jetpack WorkManager

WorkManager is a new approach to background tasks execution that is presented in androidx official library.

Parse & Android: tips for junior developers

Impressions of using Parse BaaS for Android app backend development and pitfalls you may encounter during the work.

Published papers citation tracking using Altmetric

In this article we'll consider using Altmetric and Dimensions metrics APIs for implementation of update history tracking widgets.

How to write tests for a software product

This article is the final part of the block of the materials devoted to testing.

Asynchronous tasks in the application and Android Instrumentation Test. Solutions

Currently, almost all applications have asynchronous tasks. A striking example of it — requests to the server.

Character recognition

One of the most important modern trends in the software - programs that have computer vision. This technology allows us to analyze the information in the images and video files.


What is VIPER? How to use it? How can it help in iOS development? You will find answers in this article.

What is the test? Place of testing in software product development

Let's talk about testing process. You can look inside the article which clearly shows the testing process.

Testing with JUnit library for the Android platform
The basic approach to test development

Let’s consider the use of JUnit library for testing Android app.