DabaDoc - developing startup from North Africa. Residents of Marocco, Algeria and Tunisia are allowed to schedule an appointment to the doctor online. And now the North African doctors are able to receive patients through video calls via the app.

DabaDoc Live

The app allows to find out if doctor is available so users can choose an appropriate time for appointment.
User can schedule appointments and pay for consultations right through the account in the app so one has to provide valid info creating the account (name, age, phone number, and mail). Users also can choose a country they live by pressing the flag and picking the right option.
The most difficult task was to organize stable video conference because it's very important to vividly hear the patient. That's why we integrated the Twilio service into the app for video calls.

The app notifies both doctor and patient when it's five minutes left until video call becomes available.
Viktor Kinko